Geography History

No Man’s Land

There’s a territory between Egypt and Sudan that no one wants. Can I have it?

Geography History

Death from Below

What killed 1,746 people at a Cameroonian lake in 1986?

History Sports

Fear and Loathing in Saint Louis

Under the aura of the coronavirus, athletic events hang in the balance. Could sports be in a worse position?

Business History

The Devil’s Chemist and the Legacy of Evil

Why did a Nazi chemical conglomerate indicted for forced labor, murder, and genocide stay open until 2011?

History Language Technology

What Day Is It? (Part II)

We don’t have anything better to do; let’s get deep into “Wednesday”.


What Day Is It? (Part I)

But first: What year is it?

History United States

Norton I, Emperor of the United States

In a time of peril and civil war, the people of the United States turned to the leadership of one man.

Culture Language Technology

The War on the Frowning Poop Emoji

How the history of our newest linguistic asset led to a serious discussion of fecal emotionality.

The Grapevine Uncategorized

Here Comes Santa Claus

If you’re good, he’ll break into your house and leave presents under a tree. If you’re not, he’ll supply you with valuable fossil fuels. But where did the man with the bag come from? Featuring St. Nicholas, Krampus, Jesus, and more. The gang’s all here.

The Grapevine

Florida Man

You’ve probably heard of Florida Man. He’s yesterday’s big-time meme. In this episode, we set the man (and his could-be cinematic universe) aside to talk about the state that created a legendary figure. Is Florida really that weird?