Grapevine's Atlas Language

Grass Mud Horse Fuck Your Mother

This is the Chinese government’s least favorite Peruvian ungulate.

Grapevine's Atlas History Language

Should auld Scots be forgot?

Our one and only New Year’s song is written in a language you may have never heard of.

Geography Grapevine's Atlas History Language

The Reinvention of Writing

Sequoyah didn’t know how to read; he still taught the Cherokee to write.

History Language Technology

What Day Is It? (Part II)

We don’t have anything better to do; let’s get deep into “Wednesday”.

Culture Language Technology

The War on the Frowning Poop Emoji

How the history of our newest linguistic asset led to a serious discussion of fecal emotionality.

Geography History Language

Ye Olde Thorn

How one forgotten letter (barely) changed the English language forever.